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Omera Products

A market leader for over 50 years, Omera produces a vast and complete range of machines, for 2D and 3D operations for cold working sheet metal. See Omera product videos.

2D Operations

Universal punching, shearing iron cutting machines, mechanically, hydraulically or electrically operated, with a punching capacity of 120 tons. Deep throat punching machines up to 100-ton capacity.

3D Operations

Double upright hydraulic presses up to 1200-ton capacity and C-frame hydraulic presses up to 25-ton capacity. Trimming-beading machines to perform operations such as: trimming, beading, joggling, ribbing, seaming on cylindrical or polyhedral pressings.

Automatic or semi-automatic production lines consisting of the above-mentioned machines to produce cookware, HVAC components, gas bottles, tank bottom ends, beer kegs, fire extinguisher bodies, filter bodies, etc.


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