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Omera Specialty Trimming & Beading Machines


Omera RA-1200S

A custom designed machine developed for the automatic production of medium size aluminum road signs. The machine carries out 2 operations, vertical bending and inward flanging by means of servo driven slides. The blank and finished parts are also loaded/ unloaded by means of servo drives.

The machine is equipped with CNC controls that enable the loading of CAD files which are translated into the machine program automatically. The machine sets all the required parameters to make the parts. The reduction in set up time, overall efficiency and less complicated tooling (no need for copying cams) helps this machine pay for itself.


Omera RA-700

The RA-700 auto loading machine is designed for integration in a working cell or automatic line. It can accommodate parts with a diameter up to 24″ and can perform up to 3 operations. The standard R-700 is fitted with a 3 position turret to load and unload parts from conveyors. This can be customized for your exact needs either as a component or as a complete line including coil circle shears, transfer stations, presses, trim/bead stations. Please contact us for further details.

In addition to the standard manual load machines, Omera and SWH Precision offer automatic loading by servo drives or robots. In many instances the machine is utilized in a work cell where the semi-finished parts arrive by conveyor, are loaded and unloaded automatically. The Omera line of products fully supports this automation. Fully customized solutions are available from Omera that start from a coil to and end in a finished product and include everything in between. Please see the additional offerings (presses) from Omera for more details or simply contact us today for more information.

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